Setup Commander Professional Edition 2.5

Setup Commander Professional Edition was released in June 2013 at the Dutch Windows Management User Group. About a year later after we've launched what's now called 'Setup Commander for ZENworks'. Last Wednesday at WMUG Meeting #2 2018 I was able to give WMUG members again a 'scoop' on today's announcement.

What a journey it has been. We now have over 200 paid customers worldwide thanks to our great partners. Thanks to great technology partners like Adobe, ENGL, Flexera, Ivanti, KACE, Microsoft, Micro Focus, VMware and others we were able to integrate and support their products and delivery technologies. We now have almost 2500 entries in our Setup Store, an amazing set of MSI Configuration Wizards which are maintained and supported 'as a service' and we support most common Windows desktop application delivery platforms.

Because of the acquisition announced today, I'd like to talk you a little bit about past, present and future.

At the end of last year we've added a new product to the 'Setup Commander' portfolio: Setup Commander Service Edition. Setup Commander Service Edition downloads, configures Windows application setups and patches from the Setup Store. Connectors for Microsoft Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, VMware AirWatch and Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management prepare the setups and patches for deployment using these platforms. We've been relatively quiet about this release, for various reasons. A few selected customers and partners have used this product since to either replace their current Patch Management solution or to use it as a complimentary product.

What is the main difference between the Professional Edition and the Service Edition? The comparison chart shows this in detail, but let's dig in:

Setup Commander Service Edition

The Service Edition is able to automatically download and configure setups and patches available in our Setup Store. Using one of our connectors, one is able to automatically create applications, packages or bundles in any of the supported deployment systems. Currently we support ConfigMgr and ZENworks. The connector for AirWatch is in development, connectors for Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft WSUS are on our roadmap. The 'Service Edition' functionality will be moved into the 'Liquit Digital Workspace' overtime to enhance 'Liquit Setup and Patch Management'.

Setup Commander Professional Edition

Setup Commander Professional Edition has access to the Setup Store and the Configuration Wizards as well. Using a Windows GUI you can quickly select whatever you need from the Setup Store to prepare the selected setup or patch for deployment. IT admins typically do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Setup Commander Professional Edition is the preferred Setup Commander solution for those who not necessarily need the Setup Store automation technology or have lots of local Windows desktop applications which are not in the Setup Store. Products like Adobe Acrobat Pro, AutoCAD, Office 365, Visual Studio, VMware Workstation Pro; products you have to purchase first or products which are provided by your software vendor directly. Using a easy-to-use GUI you select a setup file from your file system, review/configure the settings in a Configuration Wizard (MSI setups) or review/configure the silent switches (legacy setups) to then create your application (ConfigMgr, MDT), bundle (ZENworks) or package (Liquit Workspace, Ivanti Endpoint Manager) you want to use for the deployment.

Setup Commander Professional Edition 2.5 will be released in Q3. Here's a list of things we want to include in the 2.5 release:

  • Licensing

    Instead of sending you an email with your license file inside a 'zip file', which sometimes gets blocked for various reasons, for the 2.5 release we will provide you a userid and password which will be used for authentication. This has been introduced in the Service Edition successfully and is now the way to move forward:

  • New Deployment Solutions (Liquit Workspace, Ivanti Endpoint Manager)

    Of course support for 'Liquit Workspace' will be added :-) For 'Liquit Workspace' customers we're working on a Liquit branded version: 'Liquit Package Studio'.

    Recently Ivanti has chosen 'Setup Commander Professional Edition' for the Ivanti Marketplace. Setup Commander Professional Edition becomes the preferred solution for Ivanti Endpoint Manager to create packages. This will be showcased at the Ivanti Interchange events in Dallas and Madrid.

  • Setup Store enhancements (CVE and Release notes)

    We will introduce a few performance enhancements, more information (CVE numbers and Release Notes information) about selected patches/setups will be shown in the 'Setup Details' in the Setup Store:

  • Detection Rules (ConfigMgr)

    When you deploy non-MSI setups (legacy setups) 'Detection Rules' are mandatory. However, creating consistent 'Detection Rules' is a small nightmare. For every Setup Store setup we've added 'PrimaryFile' information (version, file length) which is already used by the ConfigMgr connector of the Service Edition for detection scripts which use what's shown below. This technique will be introduced in Setup Commander 2.5 as well:

  • Setup Commander for ZENworks Professional Edition

    'Setup Commander for ZENworks Professional Edition' and 'Setup Commander Professional Edition' are now two products sharing the same feature set (Setup Store, Configuration Wizards etc.). The main difference is that one supports 'ZENworks' as a deployment system only and the other one supports all the other deployment solutions. We're looking at merging the two products into one 'Setup Commander Professional Edition' products which supports all deployments solutions from within one solution.










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